Our team of first grade teachers includes the following staff:

Mrs. Brinser alicia_brinser@pasd.us
Miss Ibberson julie_ibberson@pasd.us
Mrs. Kyper jennifer_kyper@pasd.us
Miss Oswald keanna_oswald@pasd.us
Mrs. Ressler megan_ressler@pasd.us
Mrs Smith jennifer_smith@pasd.us
Mrs. Wasilewski brenda_wasilewski@pasd.us

The Latest News from First Grade! Citizen's Fire Company of Palmyra came to visit the first graders for Fire Prevention Week. The students got to see what was inside two of the fire trucks. The one firefighter got into his protective gear. The students learned many fire safety tips from the firefighters!


First Grade hosted a "Make It and Take It" Night

Mrs. Brinser enjoying the evening with parents and students

Mrs. Ressler enjoys a card game with students
Mrs. Kyper assists a parent and student
A happy father and son spent the evening together